Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Apple Tart

Happy Birthday Honey! May you have a year of health, happiness and stellar waves!

Salmon with Sriracha Sauce and Lime

Gwyneth's go to recipe. Easy, light, and all good. It's perfect with my vegetable soup.

Avocado Toast

So simple and so yummy.

Summer at the Beach

Honey Girl Bikinis

Many factors to consider when shopping for a bikini-time of the month (after period), time of the day (NEVER after a meal), and overall..gotta be in the mood. Got tired of bikini riding up butt after catching a wave and/or pearling and not feeling secure enough forced me to look up a line that could withstand surfing. Honey Girl was created by a local surfer with the same concerns. Well made, attractive and sturdy!

Horseback Riding at Turtle Bay

Relaxing, scenic route that brought us to filming sites such as Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean and Soul Surfer