Monday, October 27, 2014

Oatmeal Maple Raisin Cookie

Jerry Seinfeld's favorite cookie! His wife's third cookbook is a joy-simple directions, attractive pictures, and delicious foods. I enjoy having the kids in the kitchen and hope to inspire a joy for baking.

Chocolate Biscotti

You need delicious biscotti full of chocolate and crunch to get through a challenging novel like Graham Greene's The Quiet American.

Blueberry Bar

Not only do blueberries provide antioxidant benefits, but their colors are just gorgeous! Emily Schuman's blog cupcakes and cashmere is just as gorgeous and full of valuable information on fashion, decorating, and foods.


Look at him! He's all grown up!

Museum Cafe

Do yourself a favor and pack your own lunch. Overpriced and mediocre.

French Apple Cake "Tatin"

Too sweet and syrupy for me. Nothing special but went well with my afternoon tea.

Country Fresh Omelet

Ina Garten's recipes are always reliable and delicious. This omelet turns simple ingredients like bacon, potatoes, chives and farm fresh, organic eggs into something special!

Tricia and Evan

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! May your life be filled with love, adventures, and joy!


I love weddings! Family members and friends come home from the mainland, foods to be eaten, and more people to welcome into the family.

Evening in Waikiki

The only time most locals will venture into Waikiki is when there's a wedding. Since we made the trek into town, we commemorated the event with pictures in front of the famous Queen's Fountain.

Corner Kitchen

Judy and I stumbled into this quiet, unassuming restaurant right across the street from Rainbow Drive In. What luck! Great service, reasonable prices and delicious foods. I tip my hat off to the ahi plate-prepared just right (not too pink, nor well done) and tasty!

Rainbow Drive In

Famous for plate lunches, as well as their paraphernalia.