Monday, June 8, 2015

Lettuce Wraps with Miso Dressing, Beet Salad, Mozarella Salad

An invitation to Denise's home is an invitation you do not turn down. Her food is always gorgeous, always delicious, and always good for you!

All American Potato Salad

Definitely not local style (lots of mayonnaise), but perfect for summer BBQs. My world traveler friend commented that it tastes very French. I think it tastes pretty good.


The best calamari I've had was in Burano, Italy. Since plane tickets to Europe cost an arm and a leg, these will have to do.Brick Oven Pizza's version was light, crispy, and delicious.


In my opinion, there are 3 things every person should know how to do: swim, drive a stick, and play chess. I'm just saying.

Beef Stew

Total comfort food and crowd pleaser. Sam Choy's recipe is by far the simplest and a pleasure to eat with a bowl of rice.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ice Cream Balls

This picture got me a lot of tweets. Decadent, crunchy, and gooood!


I have spent many hours creating masks and drawing fruits with pastels and when the opportunity for watercolors arose, I thought, "That's easy!" Boy, was I wrong! This workshop was by far the most challenging and it didn't help when I'm surrounded by artists! Can you guess which is mine?

Sunday Mornings

You would expect Sunday mornings to be quiet and relaxing but no, my Sundays are busy and harried. Yoga, quick breakfast, always late to Zumba, and a jaunt to the farmers market. It's when I get home and unpack my bag of fresh produce, that I feel I have a accomplished a lot!

Patty Melt

Satisfied our burger craving with a simple patty melt made with organic beef and sour dough bread. Yum.


Every girl wants to smell good! And why not smell great and use products that have not been tested on animals. Fun, colorful, and natural.


Even the mighty will fall. Just when you think you're "all that," translation: too big for your britches surfing White Plains and being considered one of the regulars, you challenge yourself and tackle bigger and heavier waves at Lani's, North Shore and face the realization that you're NOT all that. I got me served some humble pie!

I'm Back

No, I haven't abandoned the blog; I've just been busy surfing, getting through finals (today was the last one), and just plain exhausted. I'm also getting ready for my Peru trip which I leave for in a few weeks.