Monday, September 8, 2014

White Plains, Barber's Point

No, I haven't quit the blog I've just been busy surfing and having the time of my life. It causes me anxiety, my stomach is in knots before I hit the water, and my body hurts but I LOVE IT!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Egg Canadian Bacon Cheese Bagel

Surfing can work up a serious appetite and this hearty sandwich delivers! I'm all about simple and fast nowdays with the school year in full swing and a new, grueling bell schedule.

Glazed Donuts

With the crazy humidity and heat, I do not dare turn on the oven! I have been obsessed with donuts lately and my personal favorite is a simple glazed donut. A friend asked me if I made them myself and I laughed. Why mess with perfection when Safeway makes the best!

Chicken Broth

My usual Sunday routine involves making homemade chicken broth which I actually enjoy-simple, fills the whole house with the aroma, and saves me a lot of money. I personally think it tastes even better than the canned varieties.


The legal kind. I never pay full price for herbs; I just grow my own-cheap, easy access, and fragrant.

Pumpkin Pie

Just felt like making a pie. Simple ingredients yield the best foods!

MINI Cooper

When you live in a congested city like Honululu, having a MINI is a Godsend to weave in and out of traffic and to squeeze into tight parking spaces. I've been drooling over this particular one with its gorgeous white interior.

Wall Gallery

I was inspired to create my own wall gallery of surf and fruit pictures when I saw OhJoy's blog. Wall contains art work from Scott, friends, and yours truly!

Banana Bread

If my brother in law gives me a cookbook with notes he wrote himself, I know it'll be a good recipe. Gorgeous book with simple ingredients and easy to follow format is a joy to have. Bread was wholesome and hearty!