Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cherry and Almond Cake

When Mimi Thorisson announced her new cookbook, I made sure to get a copy after I fell in love with her gorgeous first one, A Kitchen in France. The combination of cherries and almond was such an exotic choice, I made this recipe first. Very French, not overtly sweet with just a right amount of almond taste. I'll be making this cake again for sure!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Breakfast Sandwich

I am obsessed with the egg sandwich at Beet Box Cafe that features a "special" sauce, that I made my own version. My special sauce included the following: papaya, curry seasoning, minced garlic, and mayonnaise. Now I have to perfect the aioli sauce.

Goddess Dressing on Corn on the Cob

Melted butter is my usual go to, but homemade goddess dressing on corn on the cob is just…delicious!


My girl crush who is sweet, generous, smart as a whip, a fantastic cook, and just a pleasure to be with. Did I mention that she's an awesome artist too? Check her out on instagram: denisecummingsartist.

Ricado's Italian Restaurant

A perfect "Italian" way to end a perfect school year with kids I've had the pleasure of teaching their freshmen, sophomore, and senior years. Congratulations Class of 2016.

Happy 89th Birthday

Happy Birthday to my favorite guy in the whole world. A birthday wouldn't be a birthday if it isn't celebrated at Au's Chop Suey, a family favorite.

Ice Cream Sandwich

I've always been a fan of the Chipwich! A mound of ice cream nestled between 2 delicious cookies and embellished with either nuts or chocolate chips on the sides. This is definitely a summer dessert!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gyotaku Restaurant

If the Japanese flock to this restaurant serving Japanese food, then it must be good! Sashimi is fresh and tempura is light and flakey!

Hummingbird Cake

I'm still wondering how hummingbirds and pineapple are related. Whatever the relations, it mixes well in this luscious and decadent cake.

Fish Taco

Surfing and fish tacos go hand in hand! Maybe it's a Mexican thing where you see taco stands all over surf towns. This is a lighter version where I cook the fish in a skillet instead of frying. The chipotle sauce is creamy, slightly spicy, tangy and sweet and takes the tacos to another level. It would be a crime not to make this sauce, it's just that good.

Monkeypod Cafe

The "it" place for pauhana pupus. Located at the beautiful Ko'olina Resort featuring dishes with local produce and flair.

Saturday, April 23, 2016


The land of cheese, chocolate, and mountains. It was my first time seeing falling snow.

Verona, Italy

Welcome to the city famous for Juliet's balcony. Superstition says that if you touch the breast of Juliet, you will find true love!

Venice, Italy

We were prepared for the throngs of tourist in Venice, but not for the windy cold. We stumbled upon a gem-the coolest book shop in the world that featured a gondola filled with books inside the store.


A stopover in Austria was a treat. Innsbruck, the site of the 1976 Winter Olympics was picturesque, inexpensive, and the place for the best gelato.

Europe 2016

When the opportunity arose to take 17 kids to Europe, all expenses paid, I wholeheartedly jump at it! First stop.. Germany. Highlights included snow, Neuschwantstein Castle, a concentration camp, and Marienplatz.


What can I say; we are an active family. If not bodysurfing or surfing, we're usually outside doing something…this time skateboarding!


Surfing has taken over as my favorite hobby over baking. The meditative routine of waxing my board relaxes me as I silently pray for a safe and fun session. Paddling out is exhausting but catching a wave is a high I look forward to every time.

Nutcracker 2015

Auditions took place in September and two months of rehearsals led to a show stopping production of the Nutcracker where Anna danced her heart out as a Chinese pretzel.