Sunday, June 29, 2014

Celestial Foods

I used to think these kinds of stores smelled funny, but now I go so frequently to get my kombucha drinks that I welcome the natural, organic, and earthy scents.

Haleiwa Cafe

Nestled in a busy town on the North Shore is the coffee shop popular with surfers. The Dawn Patrol platter is my favorite but today I was in the mood for the Canadian Bacon Avocado Tomato with Sprouts Sandwich. So simply done with local ingredients that I rushed home to create it for my family. I personally think mine is prettier.

Peace Ceremony

The culminating event of Anna's World War II unit showcased a 6th grade Chorus of John Lennon's Imagine and the placing of rocks that featured scenes of peace.

Farrington Class of 2014

Three generations have passed through the gates of Farrington. Congratulations Joshua!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Zealand

My secret to a happy marriage includes sharing of household chores, communication, laughter, and trips without spouse and/or kids. Scott and I take yearly trips without one another. Sure we miss one another but when your spouse is happy, you're happy and when he/she returns they're refreshed, their absence makes you appreciate them, and hey, everyone needs a break from anything once in a while! Scott spent close to a month in New Zealand just surfing his heart out.

Anna Surfs Now

It took another 11 years to get her on the board. Remember Anna's first Christmas? It was the card with her on the surfboard. Well, she's hooked and her daddy couldn't be any happier.

Tricia's Wedding Shower

Wishing my dear neice a life of love, happiness, and memories to cherish with her hubby Evan.

Max's of Manila

More Tagalog style and definitely not Filipino home style cooking but a nice venue to celebrate my neice Olivia's 1st Birthday.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Can you believe this man is 87 years old? He doesn't look a day past 60! Must be the vegetables he grows himself and being happy go lucky!

Diamond Head

Finally surfed the spot I used to pass thinking how crowded it was and what a long walk down to the beach. Totally worth it!

Uncle Bo's

A popular Honolulu eatery known for its desserts, especially the beignets. It was the perfect excuse to celebrate my friend and favorite colleague's special day. Happy Birthday Todd!