Saturday, July 28, 2012

End of Summer

I gotta get back in the water.  Back to work on Monday.....ughhhhh.

Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookie

It was a chocolate chip cookie day-moist, chocolatey, and chewy.  Yum. Still my favorite cookie of all time.


Date night.  I always judge a Mexican restaurant with the arroz.  Azteca's rice was delicious but I didn't care much for the beef burrito-too wet, so I focused my attention on Scott's chicken chimichanga.

Gone Bananas Chocolate Chip Oat Cookie

Gooey, soft, and tasty. The bananas keep them soft and give a nice potassium and B6 boost, while the oats add fiber goodness.  My little helper Ajaylah went bananas for these cookies!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rosie's Roses

I fell in love with the entrance of this store and fell in love even more when I walked in and met Rosie who was kind and sweet. The unique merchandise was even more fun to be around.  I could have spent hours in this store.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Rosie's Roses

I avoid Fisherman's Wharf like the plague whenever in SF, but it was destiny that brought me to Rosie's Roses. A relaxing, nature inspired store that sells the city's finest chocolates, flowers, plants, salts and so much more and whose owner is just as lovely and generous with gardening tips.  This shop has been added to my must visit list whenever in the Bay Area.


Miette owner Meg Ryan is a self taught baker and uses organic ingredients from the Bay Area.  Not only is her shop beautiful but the bake goods are breathtaking!


I waited all summer to visit the most beautiful shop in the world. It's like a beautiful present begging to be opened and when you enter you feel like a kid again-happy, giddy and wanting to buy everything!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This art store's collection of Japanese craft paper is lovely!

Palace Dim Sum

I always make a point to visit my favorite SF family, the Hees whenever in the Bay Area and we always make it a mission to have dim sum.

Green Apple Bookstore

Joshua, Robert and I could spend hours in this cozy book store located on Clement Street.  I'm sure Josh will be spending a lot more time in a book store as he heads to San Jose State University in the fall.


A visit to the Bay Area =a visit to the Berkeley campus and Blondie's Pizza-yum!

Vietnamese Food

Cheap, large portions and oh so delicious, healthy dishes!


Famous for their sourdough and clam chowder.  I once ordered the chowder in a bread bowl but didn't eat the bowl and a local San Franciscan said that was sacrilegious.

Liguria Bakery

You must be good when you've been around for over a 100 years.  A wide range of foccacia such as rosemary, garlic, jalapeno and my favorite, pizza.


Stacks is located in Hayes Valley, a trendy, upscale shopping district of San Francisco.  All dishes served satisfied appetites ranging from vegan, vegetarian and carnivore.

Lombard Street and Coit Tower

I know, I know, enough with the tourist stops, but I had to make sure my friends visited famous SF landmarks-the crookedest street in the world and a phallic memorial.