Sunday, March 29, 2015

Never Too Old to Surf

I started surfing a year before Anna was born(2001) and didn't surf again until 2 years ago(2013). I sometimes regret not continuing it since the first time, but I've filled the time with traveling the world, raising a child, and hobbies that have kept me entertained, challenged, and busy. I'm thankful to have rediscovered surfing.

Happy Birthday Anna

Delicious foods and table setting were essential to an important celebration.

Double Delicious Cookie Bar

My mother calls me tight, I say I'm frugal and not wasteful. Leftover graham crackers and staples already in my pantry were perfect for these bars. Warning…rich and decadent.

Summer Rolls and Crepes

The annual Cookie Swap has been pushed aside from something better-Valentine summer rolls and crepes. My husband and I have been married almost 20 years and we never celebrated Valentines, so we must be doing something right. Valentines is the time to declare your love to everyone in your life-whether you married them, gave birth to them, or just love them to death.

Bread Pudding

Old bread does not go to waste in my home, it makes it into a bowl of bread pudding. The extra bread, extra heavy cream, and extra butter make this recipe extra yummy!

Rum Cake

It's not equal part alcohol and cake ingredients when you're lightweight. My first cake had 1/2 C of rum and 1/4 C in the glaze and I got drunk from one slice! My second cake was a success-scant 1/4 C of rum and a glaze of powdered sugar and milk. It got rave reviews!

Waikiki Surf

Driving in morning traffic, searching for parking, and a 15 minute walk carrying your board are factors when surfing a top destination in the world.

Prom Season

Gowns in the mall windows, teenagers at the MAC counter mark the beginning of prom season. I'm totally biased when I say Kimi applies the best makeup. Check her out: girlwiththewingedliner

Dancer's Gallery

Anna's annual ballet recital featured classic and modern music. I just love watching her dance.


Every second Friday of the month, food trucks convene in Central Oahu to showcase their specialties. My favorite was a savory crepe filled with turkey, spinach, tomatoes, cheese, mushroom, and olives. And for seconds, ahi topped with cilantro and sprouts.

Homemade Fig Newton

Totally worth the effort and time, if you have it! The fig filling was sweet and chunky and the cookie crust was tender and moist like a shortbread cookie.

Chocolate Chubbies

I questioned the recipe when it called for only half a cup of flour mixed with so much chocolate. These are the moistest, intensely chocolate chocolate chip cookie that feels like you're eating a small cake.