Saturday, September 7, 2013

Banana Pie

At $10 a pie, I was compelled to make my own because I'm that cheap! Don't care for banana cream but this pie is tasty!

Mililani Restaurant Fried Rice

It'll pass for a fried rice craving but mine is better!

Southeast Asia Adventure

I'm doing it! I've gathered the finances and the passport pics and am ready for my next adventure to Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand.

The Bathing of Jack

If there's one thing I fear besides the deep, heights, and sharks, it's bathing a cat! I find every excuse to leave the house when Jackson is being bathed, and I'm not even doing the deed. So, here's to my hero, my hubby who does a GREAT job!

Families of Surfers

Meet the Postils and the Rainbolts!

Family Fun Day at Makapu'u

A day at the beach can wash all your worries and troubles away. And just enjoying each other's company!