Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Birthday

May I be blessed with a year of health, love, happiness, travel and surf!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers liven a room. I love decorating with flowers with inexpensive jars. So shabby chic!

Salon Andre

I had the BEST hair washing at Salon Andre with Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil and Lavender products. The scent and Matthew's large, massaging hands almost put me to sleep! So loving my new hair cut!

Rise and Shine Cafe

A much needed breakfast cafe in my town. The breakfast burrito was filling and yummy!

Chocolate Decadent Cake

Not too pretty to look at, but I wanted to celebrate with something sweet. Definitely satisfied the chocolate craving!

Fish Tacos

I consume fish at least 3 times a week for its health benefits and also for its taste. I am a Nazi when it comes to leftovers and I had to come up with a meal to use up the leftover beans and rice.

Lavender Scone

I adore lavender…but not in my food. Scones had great texture but taste was odd.


We recently discovered that Edward is a Himalayan cat and is adjusting quite nicely in his new home. He has a sweet disposition, plays nicely but is often gassy. And I mean the silent but violent type of gas.

Auntie Pasto's Restaurant

With gas prices and ever worsening traffic, Auntie Pasto's in Kunia is the perfect hangout for us who live outside of town. Reasonable prices, efficient service and tasty food are perfect reasons for dining here.

El Palenque

The best Mexican food on the island, prepared by real Mexicans. The chimichanga is fantastic!

Book Store

Besides the beach and home, a bookstore is one of my favorite places to be. I could hibernate here for hours and lose myself in a book. Read a book today!

Crispy Potato Cake

I bow down to Food Network's $10 Dinners Melissa d'Arabian for her smart, savvy, and delicious recipes. This potato cake was a crowd pleaser with a potato loving family.

Vegan Desserts

Just because I eat healthy, doesn't meet I cut out sweets. Down to Earth desserts satisfy the sweet tooth without the guilt.

Down to Earth

When I've overindulged with rich and sweet dishes, I make a visit to Down to Earth for some fresh, vegan, green foods to get me back on track. Not only is food delicious and makes you feel good eating it, but the food display is appealing and makes you want to eat everything!


Juicy, miniature sized burgers placed between Portuguese sweet rolls. Yum!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Honolulu Museum of Arts

Arts add richness to my life and I have been enriched with a visit to the local museum. An impressive collection of famous, fine arts featuring Van Gogh, Matisse, O'Keefe, Monet, Picasso, and my favorite, Modigliani.


It's a boy! We found this cutie at our favorite surf spot and brought him home. We tossed around all kinds of names before we knew the gender. He's sweet, shy, and will sit on your lap to be pet. Please welcome Edward!

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Another recipe from Jessica Seinfeld's newest cookbook that I thought would be a "healthy" cookie with whole wheat flour as one of the main ingredients. Differently delicious from other chocolate chip cookies I've eaten-not too sweet, hearty, and satisfying.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Oatmeal Maple Raisin Cookie

Jerry Seinfeld's favorite cookie! His wife's third cookbook is a joy-simple directions, attractive pictures, and delicious foods. I enjoy having the kids in the kitchen and hope to inspire a joy for baking.

Chocolate Biscotti

You need delicious biscotti full of chocolate and crunch to get through a challenging novel like Graham Greene's The Quiet American.

Blueberry Bar

Not only do blueberries provide antioxidant benefits, but their colors are just gorgeous! Emily Schuman's blog cupcakes and cashmere is just as gorgeous and full of valuable information on fashion, decorating, and foods.


Look at him! He's all grown up!

Museum Cafe

Do yourself a favor and pack your own lunch. Overpriced and mediocre.

French Apple Cake "Tatin"

Too sweet and syrupy for me. Nothing special but went well with my afternoon tea.

Country Fresh Omelet

Ina Garten's recipes are always reliable and delicious. This omelet turns simple ingredients like bacon, potatoes, chives and farm fresh, organic eggs into something special!

Tricia and Evan

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! May your life be filled with love, adventures, and joy!


I love weddings! Family members and friends come home from the mainland, foods to be eaten, and more people to welcome into the family.