Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Chocolate Anise Biscotti

I often wondered who liked black licorice! I can't imagine all the black jelly beans I would pluck from my Easter basket. I used to think I hated the flavor until I actually tasted it! The anise seeds are slightly crushed which renders a subtle flavor and the chocolate is quite lovely. This is the second recipe in two days from Joy the Baker cookbook. Many more to come!

Lavender Lemon Bar

I love lavender and I love lemon, so when I saw Joy Wilson's recipe for lavender lemon bars, I was compelled to whip up a batch. Buttery, sweet and full of bright citrus flavor. It's a hit!

Tamura's Kitchen

Local people of Hawaii appreciate good food, low prices, and big portions! Tamura's Kitchen in Wahiawa meets the criteria. The Furikake catch was delicious but the poke and tofu with sea asparagus were phenomenal.

Open Studios 2015

It's ironic how I do not possess an ounce of artistic ability and yet I have so many artist friends. The annual Open Studios showcases artists from all over the island with so many ranges of style and medium. My favorite artists featured were Maha for sculptures, Denise for designs and paintings, and Kuhao with his travel photography.

Junior and Mona

Congratulations! The Hawaii Prince Hotel's brunch/lunch buffet was outstanding but seeing these two happy and in love is even better!

Aiea Bowl

Family night must involve food, great company, and some kind of activity!

Vegetarian Food

I went two weeks vegan and felt like I could rule the world! I felt light, non sluggish, and healthy. I occasionally eat vegetarian maybe because I have friends who do not eat meat but when I do it's all good!

Frigates, Fiji

Most surfers flock to Cloudbreak, but if you want to avoid the crowds and exorbitant prices, head to southern Fiji.

The Beet Box Cafe

You notice the young, yoga clad patrons as soon as you walk into this quirky vegan/vegetarian cafe on the North Shore. Not only is the crowd good looking but the food is fresh, colorful, and picture perfect! I find the Lionel Richie pillows comfortable and endearing ( it me you're looking for?)as I enjoy my pretty quiche.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sacsayhuaman, Cuzco

The monumental stonework at Sacsayhuaman forms massive zigzagged defensive walls of three tiers. Some granite blocks, which fit together seamlessly without mortar, weigh as much as 300 tons. The Incas were masters of architecture. I just stood in awe, admiration, and wonderment at how these blocks could be moved.

Traditional Home

Death in Peruvian culture is not a morbid subject but an accepted part of life. We got first glimpse of a traditional home in Ollantaytambo where a skull of a long, deceased grandparent sits in a respected, honorable altar, where guinea pigs roam freely in the home, and where privacy is not the norm.

Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo

The locals call it lovely Ollanta, and it is indeed lovely. It is home to a formidable temple-fortress and an old town, built by the Incas, that's a perfect grid of streets. It is the only such layout remaining in Peru. The cobblestone streets are lined with canals carrying rushing water from the mountains. One of the highlights of my trip.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


I wouldn't be a teacher if my trip didn't involve a visit to a school. We were welcomed with a shower of confetti and a song and dance of a plague that wipes out an entire village. It wasn't a happy story, but the kids were happy enough to be singing and dancing.


The preferred mode of transportation in Peru-bumpy, noisy, and fun!


The fibers of South America, particularly those of alpacas, are an enormous importance to Peru's textile industry. You would be amazed to know that nature contributes to its colors with ground up bugs, leaves, and, and beans.


The lack of GMO and pesticides adds to the produce being more vibrant and fresh in Peru, and sometimes abnormally large!